A Difficult Subject 3/3/2011

During a recent meeting with a couple  in our office the discussion turned to a “what if” scenario.  Unlike most “what if” conversations  this one did not focus on the stock or bond market, or on the current state of the world economy.  This discussion was much more personal than that.

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The Bond Bubble 2/15/2011

Our last E-Newsletter dealt with recent headlines regarding potential perils associated with municipal bonds.  Another risk associated with bond investing is “interest rate risk”.  The current interest rate climate creates a situation which some are referring to as a “bond bubble” and we should all be aware of what this means. 

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Stratford Newsletter 1/19/2011

We begin this year with a new form of communication:  an “e-newsletter” sent out periodically covering important, timely topics in a few paragraphs.  In this correspondence we address current media comments regarding the municipal bond market.  These e-newsletters will also be posted to our website and archived for future reference.

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