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Prepare for a Market Correction?

Is a market correction right around the corner?  The bull market that began in March 2009 is now in its 66th month, and despite an occasional 3-5% set back there does not appear to be any inclination on the part of investors to sell.  But isn’t a correction inevitable?  Even Alan Greenspan was recently quoted along the lines that “we don’t know when, but a significant correction is likely to occur.” Thanks, Alan!

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A Bond Bubble?

Over the past month, bond prices have dropped as interest rates increased in response to stronger economic reports and hints from the Federal Reserve that it may begin tapering the Quantitative Easing program and allow rates in general to increase. These lower bond prices have caused many portfolios to lose ground in May, which has been kind of jarring when we have gotten accustomed to steady increases in value each month.

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Healthcare: Are You Ready?

Now that the market is setting all time highs and we are all feeling a little more comfortable with the future, let us share with you some recent statistics that are not so positive: the costs of medical care in retirement are probably much higher than most people anticipate.

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Invest Like Warren Buffet 4/3/13

It seems like only yesterday that we were all talking about the Fiscal Cliff and the resulting financial catastrophe that was about to befall our country! Remember the dire warnings about rising taxes, slowing economic growth and dysfunctional government? And then this was quickly followed by another doomsday issue: Sequester!

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Work With a Financial Planner 2/21/13

In meeting with prospective clients, the focus of the discussion tends to be whether or not it makes sense for them to work with Stratford Consulting.  We find that most see the value of our comprehensive, holistic approach, which goes far beyond investment advice.  However, the question sometimes arises as to whether it makes sense to work with us specifically in terms of investment return.  Obviously we think it does, and a recent article in Advisor Perspectives by Bob Veres sheds important light on the value of partnering with a fee based independent Registered Investment Advisor on your portfolio.

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"Beyond the Cliff" 1/15/13

It’s hard to decide whether the recent Congressional news cycle has been entertaining or depressing, but at least we now know the conclusion to the “Fiscal Cliff” drama.  In true Washington fashion, the final settlement left plenty of unanswered questions and more than a few people on both sides of the political fence unsatisfied, but at least it is over and we have a bit of breathing room before the next “cliff” appears.

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Security Risks 12/13/12

With all the news and emphasis on the “Fiscal Cliff” and the ongoing negotiations in Washington the logical thought might be to send another eNewsletter with a summary of what might happen and what our strategies should be.  The fact is that no one knows what is going to happen, of course, so we thought we would address a totally different concern that all of us are faced with and probably spend too little time thinking about.  This is the security risks we face on a daily basis. We hope you will find this interesting and helpful.

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Post Election 11/13/12

The votes are in and the long and contentious election is finally over!  In conversations with many of you recently a number of questions regarding the implications of the election results have been raised.  Most revolve around two major themes:  First, will the market collapse now that Obama has been reelected?  Second, what strategies should we consider as we approach the “fiscal cliff?”  We will address these two questions in a manner which draws from a recent Morningstar commentary on the election’s impact.

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Election and the "Cliff" 10/23/12

With the 2012 Presidential election just two weeks away, we are fielding questions about the impact election results may have on the financial markets.

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July 2012 7/03/12

August 13, 1979 was an important date in the annals of stock market history.  This was the date thatBusinessWeek pronounced the “death of equities.”  Here is a brief excerpt from that article: “This ‘death of equity’ can no longer be seen as something a stock market rally - however strong - will check.  It has persisted for more than ten years through market rallies, business cycles, recession, recoveries, and booms.”

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